Crypto Monkey: Don't chase the Lambo today, look for Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. tomorrow - HOLD

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Hello people,

Welcome to my two cents of the week.

Today I want to talk about the huge potential of HOLDING YOUR COINS!
It's not even a point of discussion, we all want this #Lambo. And many of us want that ticket #ToTheMoon as well. I'm sure there is also someone that want's to drive a Lambo on the Moon!


But how about if I'd tell you that with a little bit of patience and correct behavior you could own the entire Lamborghini company tomorrow? This is of course just an example and I'm exaggerating on purpose! But I think the message is clear.
Don't let the FOMO (Fear of missing out) and the desire of quick money fool you! Relax, take a step back and think what happened in the Crypto Space in only 4 month! I was scrolling through the messages that I was sending to my people back in October about how crazy it was that the Total Market Cap was crossing the 150 b$ mark! And where to we stand today? While I'm writing this article the Total Market Cap shows me 510 b$. People...thats a 3x + increase in only 4 month including the major correction we had!
This 2018 is going to be amazing for all of us. But I'm sure it's going to be even more amazing for all these that will sincerely believe in the Blockchain Technology and its huge potential. All the Cryptos will just follow!

So don't ruin your own party and HOLD your coins till the end....see you on the moon people!

Your holding Crypto Monkey

#VaaamooosToTheMoon #HOLD #HODL #CryptoMonkey

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Great encouraging article! The techchat team recently posted an article explaining why the crypto markets are down right now! You can find the article here:

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!

The upward trend will come sooner or later. It's a great time to buy. Or at least don't panic sell and HODL. It's going to be fine in the end.

I agree, we are at the dawn of a new age.

This is really amazing . The world of steemit is not cruel as the world we live in usually. People work very hard daily and they dont get that much payment even though they can't even make their living out of it.
yes enthusiasm is biggest power that drives man to success.

How about owning the entire lamborghini company and just relocating it to the moon and expand your business. This I can't wait to see.

See you on mars.

I am more of a Ferrari guy.

But what if I REALLLY want a Lambo?

Will be holding all my coins to the end

But when is "the end" ?

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i don't earn enough to afford the fuel for a lambo! :) let alone buy one and even if i did i'd buy a tesla. simples. save the planet, save yaself!

A clutch replacement on a Lambo is north of $20,000. I'll skip the Lambo for something comfy, like a Ford F-150 pickup.

Nice encouraging words to keep us hopeful and keep the coins expecting to reap a good harvest when the right time comes. @sandroc

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The calm hands will win...

Are you considering a GTR to the moon?

I agree with you on looking longterm at this market instead of an instant moneymaker.

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