Crypto Monkey: Chinese and Lunar New Year bring FUD on the market

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Hello guys,

I know that many of you are concerend and don't really know what to do with all the negative trende that we're experiencing at the moment! Let me tell you to RELAX and HOLD!


It happens now since four years every year at the time of the year. We have the Chinese and Luna New Year.
People are cashing out to buy prensents and to visit their families.

Just relax and even think to buy more of your favorite coins and tokens on discount!

Best Regards,
The Crypto Monkey


What happened? Just the same Asian stories that S Korea is considering stricter AML policy and even considering closure of Crypto Exchanges as well as China is planning to do the same... But is this something new to you? We are being bombarded with the same type of news since September 2017.
Plain and simple: one of cryptoplayers with above than averaged cryptoassets is selling own stack (yes, the market is very thin, even some of your orders can move it slightly), then the crowd sees the plunging prices and joins this race. That's it!

Who said it's new? I don't know for how long you've been in the crypto space so fare, but my post was for all these new joiners that feel lost when something like this happens! You call them cryptoplayers. I call them big bunch of Asian people celebrating their holidays and cashing out to do so!

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great post @sandroc thanks for sharing the knowledge

Oh! So that is why the value drops? I am not understanding sorry im new to this.😅

Interesting :) Please upvote and follow me :) #vincentb

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Your post is very nice. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

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