Living with a smoker

in vincentb •  last year

I always try to associate with everyone irrespective of the lifestyle, ethnic group or religion. A saying goes "there is no such thing like a good neighbor" but you just have to have a Neighbor that pretends to be good the same way you pretend to be good to him/her too.
So I'm always the "good" neighbor or at least one who pretends to be good one. My neighbor wakes me up with smell of cigarettes and gives me a dose at night..
I know better than to keep silent and suffer. So today I'll be the non pretending neighbor. So I'll just tell him how it is.. However it goes, it's all good images.jpg

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Following you man - great post. Please follow back. Vincentb to the moon!



yeh i got twit neighbors too, ive been close to litrally throttling and boy if i was rich you dont wanna know lol but dont get yourself in trouble, just think sooner then later your have a house or bungalow far far away :D

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