Vincentb Follow Train!

in vincentb •  last year

We seem to be getting some traction with #vincentb phenomenon so i thought while we upvote our posts we might as well get a follow train going so we can keep this up!

Follow me, i follow you.

and follow eachother in the comments!


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Oh i'am only getting started😁


followed for the memes really xD cheers buddy!


Would love to join this small community. Please follow me and check my first blog. Resteem it. 🤗


A white hedgehog?! Now thats hard to beat...

ozoo!! Thank you, your Post.

I have followed and up-voted your post. I think this is a great idea!


Why thank you kind sir.

We all know that MEMEs are the true currency of the internet.

Choo choo! all aboard the follow train. done and done!


There you go! Welcome aboard.

Following you my friend. Thanks

Upvoted. Thank you for sharing. Vincent B community. Follow and upvote me Cryptoryno33.