The XXXconnect fever

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If you've been looking in Youtube for information about cryptocurrencies (trading, mining, investment, etc.) in the last few months, I'm pretty sure you got to know all those annoying Bitconnect commercials they used to put right before every single related video.

After "you know what" happened to their platform and to that coin, you could actually still watch those commercials for a few more days. I guess those were prepaid and YouTube had to keep them running until the contract was over. So I had no problem with that.

Just a few days ago I was searching for some videos again and to my surprise, I watched a commercial in which you could see the Bitconnect logo desappearing from the screen to give way to this "brand new" lending platform. At first couldn't stop thinking about how these people could be so stupid by associating their brand in any way to Bitconnect after their platform and token crashed so badly. I know this might be yet another prepaid publicity, but maybe it's not.

A couple of days later I just couldn't remember this new platform's name and I got kind of curious about it. So I went to Google it and what I found is kind of disturbing: Lendconnect, Neoconnect and all kind of new "lending platforms" that promise similar returns to whatever Bitconnect used to promise and even more.

Guys, I know that we all need money. That most of us are struggling to have some additional income that puts us and our families closer to the kind of life we all dream for. But that's exactly what all of theses scams use to hypnotize people like us and try to prevent us from thinking logically. Convincing us that they are some kind of money wizards that have discovered a new revolutionary way of making money and that they're so kind to share this little secret with us so that we can take advantage of it too.

You might think that people are not that stupid to fall for these kind of deception once again. But I can tell you, there are people out there that got rekt by Bitconnect (and/or some other scam of the same type) but still are whining about how "envy and bad press" destroyed their wealth dreams. People who are screaming out badly they want to get scammed and rekt once again.

Please, don't be one of them. Believe me, if you are not interested in protecting your savings and your hard earned money then nobody it's going to do it for you.

Trust nobody


Yes, I too learned all about these lending platforms in the wake of the BitConnect fiasco.

Here is a vid mentioning​ a couple of them. My intent is not to shed light on the activities of the person, but rather to share the names of the cryptocurrencies in the sector. A couple of them were not even listed on CoinMarketCap when I watched it.

Updates - Davor, LendConnect, Homeblock, Falcon, Oalend, BitConnect, Hextra, UNIX

oh there way more. :(

** yoooo that photo shop job though......**

I know I shouldn't but I'm loving these Bitconnect memes. :P

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Nice piece of work here,
It is important to educate people how to recognise scam like bitconnect. Many people believe that if they put their money on some website which guarantees 10 - 30 % month or maybe more, they will be reach in less than a year time. Check my post about bitconnect fall here and tell what do you think.

Moreover, there is something exactly like bitconnect ( or very similar ) be aware of that link below:

I had summarized all these problems in a quotation at a suitable place.
Basically, I totally agree.

We should rather think about how to justify the wealth of the world, instead of dealing with it more and more.

look at this post :

Great heads up! Everyone, beware...

I'm signing up for one right now!!! Haha just kidding, But Bitconnect did pay out the early investors and in some cases, double or triple their investments. But yes, I also know that lots of people lost a lot of money. But I must say, If it's too good to be true... it probably is. I lost $100 on bitconnectx, but I also knew better and I knew i was gambling. These lending platforms and scams aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

You point a good subject here. Those kind of scam constitutions also downgrade the crypto currencies’ reputation against the newly interested people.

thanks for the advice greetings!

Good point. I don't know how people make the same mistake again and again.

The same reason they'll go to the corner store and buy a pack of smokes and $20 in scratch tickets every day.

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thanks for sharing this.. crytocurrency news..

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this article is awesome you know

Very intresting. Thanks )

thanks for the info ...

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Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated

Yeah... thats why i am going to do what those lending programs do by myself. Yesterday i bought a better bot i already have gunbot but is bagging like everytime. I will spread my funds in diverse options mining, long term holding coins ( the 100times coins) and botting. Put a part of the income in usd or euro. After 2 months. So i have 4 things in crypto if this works i will go with what i wanted and that is giving people who need it the most shares of my income like lendings in lending programs. That is what i wanted to dont want to sell lendings i give them away so those people can can pay their bills. If something works if you know for certain it will work then you dont have to get money you give a portion of your income. I gave my family bitconnect lendings i said doooont put money in it because i cant garanty this what i did when the lending stopped i gave them the money what it was worth in the lending wallet. And i knooow i know if something is too good to be true it is what i did was i watched videos from different people. I did research i ordered the card i went in the x ico and i lost like 9000 dollars it is in the ico now well not all because i got it for 363 and they gave me 150 i was a believer because i thought i get everything back in dollar not bcc coin or bitcoin because they created a deathsentence with that action their coin is dead and money of 1.8 milion people is vaporated. So i dont go all in anymore i start over and devide my wallet. I have to work less because of health issues but i cant i thought another 6 months only 6 months but it is doable because my daily interrest rates were much higher. But i lived crypto i breathed crypto so i went for less profit and more rest. Oh well i start over. 🙈

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very good post

Thank you for the info

"Trust nobody" - best advice ever!
I have learned this some time ago. started questioning systems, etc, it really pays of: I feel better, much healthier, much less credit cards, less debts, much happier life at work, in my family etc etc.

it is very good.......

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You are right - we all need money. Keep in mind: it is a lot easier to make sure not to lose to a scam what you have already than to own new money by doing risky bets...