The $USD index is at a critical juncture !

in #vincentb3 years ago (edited)

The $USD is struggling to go higher than 97.50 (currently 96.25). If it falls below 95.00 and then continues to fall below the 200dMA (around 94.20), it is likely to give a long-term sell signal which could result in it losing its reserve currency status (see chart below). The situation over the next few days is, therefore, quite critical in assessing its future. For some background to this analysis, please see my previous post on the following link:

This appears to be in line with Jim Rickards' recent warning that the $USD is likely to be replaced, as early as 31-Dec-2018, by a digital currency based on the Distributed Ledger Technology.

screenshot of $USD chart.jpg


Update on 1-Feb-19: The $USD is teetering around the 95 support level which is just above the 200dMA (which is now at 94.90). If these two levels give way, then $USD is in serious trouble.

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