🚀IS Bitcoin Ready to Fly Again or Just a Bull Trap?😱 Let's Do PRO Bitcoin Technical Analysis 🔥

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Hey Steemit and D.Tube Fellows !


In this Video i Shared Bitcoin Price Predication looking at the pure Technical Analysis...

Disclaimer: I'm just sharing my opinion on Technical Analysis so it's not a Finical advice #DYOR
Yesterday Chart :

Today's Chart :

Hope you Liked the Video :)

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maybe the whole point was making a lot of fiat money, not holding it forever... :)

Agree but i use that to trade Alts and Grow my Bitcoin ( i cashed what was required at $19k+ )

You are one of the few clever or lucky ones that got out with a profit

i did facebook live explaining why i think it will come down from $19k+ but i didn't sell all , i'm very active on bitcoin T.A moves

Hope for the Best and Trust me as lower it goes the better for bigger higher :)

I’m holding my coins tight :) wait for the price to take off .

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Great efforts Arslan Afzal. Thanks for doing this nice work for crypto friends

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