Why I'm still HODLing (and buying more) Influx - INFX

in vincentb •  10 months ago

First off, the coinmarketcap data for INFX is outdated. The current circulating supply is around 2.8 million and the market cap is $6.59 million. This can be verified on the Influx explorer. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/infx/

This coin has a lot of room to grow. There is no website for this coin, but that's the point. It will be undergoing a complete rebranding with the launch of a new website soon from the devs (soon to be) website http://chainworksindustries.com

Once that site is up and running, INFX price will multiply. Easy money, unknown timeframe.

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Good fundamental information...thanks for sharing !

From a technical perspective, the price seems to have broken above the down trendline and also tested it (please see chart below). Looks like it's resuming it's uptrend again.

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Follow back.. nice analysis.. keep it up... I will keep note of INFX...

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