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Vimm.TV is a crowdfunded project dedicated to put the streamers and content creators first.

Vimm.TV was born from a desire to create a healthier ecosystem for streamers and content creators to grow in. We saw some real problems with the traditional model for monetization and content recommendation with most, if not all of the big players in the streaming space that could be tackled by creating a new type of economy that rewards all parties involved in a fair manner.

By using the Steem Blockchain, we eliminate unecessary fees and we're able to reward streamers for creating content on Vimm.TV using our stake in STEEM Power. Content ranking is based on actual engagement metrics like chat activity and channel growth, which means that new streamers have a fair shot at getting noticed and spark the growth of their channel.

We are currently in the ALPHA stage of development, which means some features are missing, and you may see some placeholders in a few places.

Running a live streaming service is expensive and Vimm.TV isn't backed by a big corporation. We're simply a passionate team of streamers, programmers and blockchain enthusiasts looking to bring a service that actually makes sense for independent creators in 2019.

Some of the features we'd like to bring like adding regional ingests, improving transcoding quality and adding stream replays will be quite costly. In an effort to speed up development of those features, we are now turning to the community for voluntary contributions.


If you want to invest in the growth of the project, you can delegate Steem Power (SP) to @vimm. Everyone who delegates 100SP or more will receive a portion of the curation rewards proportionate to the amount of Steem Power they delegate. Every little bit helps, though, and we would love everyone's support in making this platform a great place to stream!

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I really hope that @vimm can attract the amount of delegation that @dlive had when they were here. The platform is growing but you must support the good actors in the Steem world. Without support, funding growth is nearly impossible. Please take a few minutes to delegate what you can. You still earn some Steem with your delegation.

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One suggestion I have is maybe contact to see if they’ll add Vimm to the service, that way you guys won’t need to worry to much about stream replays, beacuse if they streamer wanted a copy of their stream they could restream to a platform like YouTube to get a VOD

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We're working on a solution very similar to that. It's something we really want to implement, and we will once we grow some more.

Awesome! Looking forward to it guys 💪

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I don't know if you have noticed guys, but I have started streaming daily on VIMM, I'd wanna truly grow on the platform! @gamer00 & @markkujantunen I think you might like this article

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We've noticed and we're glad to have you on Vimm.TV! Keep up the good work @omsoc :)

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I love what you guys are doing, I wanted to stream their a bit more but I never really got engagement, I’ll definitely invest a stream more their though to get you guys rolling. 💪🔥

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No matter how many visitors the website has if you don't promote your stream properly, network with other streamers and engage with your viewers you will never have visitors. Otherwise every single streamer on twitch would be famous

I do all that? Lol. There just isn’t many streamers on vimm right now and most of the ones in my times zones don’t speak English (GER/POl) I always tweet saying I’m live, tell steemit ect, I’ve dropped into a few streams before and engaged. Most of them don’t really react to anything.

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The more you stream, the more you will noticed! Even going around and chatting with other streamers goes a long way. @ddrfr33k regularly drops into other streamer's chats when he's not streaming and talk to them. You'd be amazed how many people return the favor...

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