Feature Update : Simplified Wallet

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Hey friends,

@Chiren here for a feature update. Vimm.TV v0.1.27 is live! Introducing UI improvements, among other things and a simplified wallet for everyone. We've also made the process of acquiring and linking a steem account easier for newcomers by including all options directly in the wallet panel for users who don't already have a steem wallet.

This is the perfect opportunity to invite that friend who never got to try Steem due to the complexity of the process! 😁👍

As usual, we'll be happy to assist you if you need help using the new features. At the bottom of this post you can find a link to our discord along with our social media pages which you can all use to get in touch with the Vimm.TV Team.


Get in touch!

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@Vimm is funded by the community on Fundition


I'm so happy to see these changes coming together! This is awesome.

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