[Eng] Vimm.tv Livestream #11 - My journey in learning how to make money through gaming, is it possible?

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So recently I had survived a car crash and had been stuck with a huge bill. So I'm finding out ways to make money online

Everything from acquiring in game items and selling them, to digging out my old Magic:The Gathering Cards and selling them (hmmm starting to notice a trend in my thought process). So I hope my own personal journey, would one day help others too, especially those who are stuck financially and are trying to think out of the box.

I am not a professional coach or trying to sell someting but
Life gave me lemons and I'm darn well gonna make lemonade out of it.

I may succeed, I may fail but I am prepared to follow through on this idea and see where it goes. If I succeed, it's an awesome story, if I fail then I hope it could be useful to others to build on what I have learned.

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