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Hi folks, I'm the Dude, a Groove-Jockey on GHRO.

You're bored and fed-up with the Dull Mainstream Radio Stations?!
You're looking for some Real World Grooves and Beats?!

Then come over and listen to GreenHouseRadioOnline's Voice Channels like my Eclectic Earfood where I invite an international selection of blues, soul, funk, folk, deep dance, indie rock, jazz and many more... often enough with a fusion off these grooves.

My mix of emerging artists, rare cuts and current favourites, brings essential music from around the world a little closer to you!

Live 24/5 on GHRO and

Thank You for listening - #ComeGROWwithGHRO

A bit more about my style?!

Brought up with classical music (because that was my dad's main collection), I kind of listen to everything. After 30 years playing some Mainstream Disco at Parties, I just had to abandon, more and more crap on TV and Radio made my decision really easy.

Today I'm looking for the beats who make my heart sing and dance, I fell in love with World Music Fusion in all its diversity and with enough groove, I'm right away addicted. I'm a RockNRollA and ZappaNoid forever, so you'll find all kind of a strange mixture in "my" music!

Anyway, hopefully you pass by when I'm around and online... CU there!

Peace Love and Grooviness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan

  • Be impeccable with your own word!
  • Handle everything from a neutral point!
  • Avoid assumptions by asking kindly!
  • Always give your best to One And All!

And Your Life will Improve In A Way You Can't Imagine Today




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