[Gods Unchained] Day 3, ranking the ladder

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Alright, I'm starting to get the hang about the mechanics in God's Unchained a bit. Today I want to get more familiar with them as well as the META cards. And the only way to do that is...
exactly climbing the ladder.

Further with the release of the market place it might be interesting to take a closer look at all the cards that are out there.

Make sure to drop that follow on my 'handles'


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Did you made a draft ?

It seems drafts are currently not possible anymore, guess they are making some changes becauses there were almost now people playing it

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damm :( all my wins where from drafts

You can get pretty far with the premade decks. I made it to Gold with the nature starter :)

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What @kaeserotor said,
Unless you meant some custom deck drafts to play ranked with, but for that I really don't have enough cards yet :p

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