Creating A Splinterlands Tournament Live!

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Click here to watch the live stream!

Hi everyone! I am here on Splinterlands creating a Fierce Friday tournament for this Friday! You can join it HERE
If you are new... Splinterlands is a collectible trading card drafting game with RPG elements on the STEEM Blockchain! It is the BEST Crypto game I have ever played! Good luck to all in the tournament!

If you are interested in playing- please let me know and I will set you up with a free starter set!

Splinterlands Discord -

Facebook GroupHERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram [HERE]

My IG - Splinterlandsgirl HERE

My YouTube - Clove71

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.
Get in the game now!

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Wow, i didn't knee season is going to end soon. So now i need to put sone effort in paying to rise and atleast touch diamond league.
Good Luck to you also.
Thanks for tge reminder.

May the monsters be with you.

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It is not- I changed it- it was suppose to be about Fierce Friday tournament, lol! :-)

Thanks, i realized it. i thought clock is malfunctioning xd.

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Hey Clove! I currently don't play steemmonsters, how can you help me to get a starter pack?

The live tournament idea is very interesting 😊

Yes- I can send you one in Discord or Telegram...let me know which one- I am clove71 you can message me there! :-)

hey @clove71,

I wanted to SM. Can you please provide me a starter pack?
I'll be very grateful.

Hi, @clove71!

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Hello my friend. I have not yet participated in a tournament but I am thinking about doing it. Battling with the best is that splinterlands experience is achieved. Greetings