Steem Monsters Test Battling!

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Vimm.TV does not yet save the Live streams but here are two excellent youtube videos of test battling! There are many more on my feed as well. Are you a Monster Maverick? Do you have 500 packs or more purchased booster packs? If so, come into Discord to get your Maverick status and are eligible to play on the test net server!


Steem Monsters Battling!

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Click here to watch the live stream!

Hi everyone! Steem Monsters is a collectible trading card drafting game with RPG elements on the STEEM Blockchain! Battling is coming soon! In the meantime you can check out some test battles I am sharing! Are you new to Steem Monsters and want to play? Use my referral link to Steem Monsters and I will send you a free pack of Steem Monsters Alpha booster packs! Alpha booster packs are sold out currently! Ready to buy a starter pack and get a FREE Alpha Booster pack from me now? To go to Steemmonsters now click HERE

Facebook GroupHERE

Steem Monsters Official Facebook Page HERE

Steem Monsters Official Telegram HERE

My IG - Steemmonstergirl HERE

Steem Monsters HERE

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May the Monsters be with you!

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monsters Rep.

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Checked out your livestream but I cant get it to play again as I wanted to watch something i missed when my phone rang. 👍✌💕 did you get any of my messages I sent you previousely !? not sure if Steemit is all the way back to normal yet!👍


Vimm doesn't keep it just yet but will be updating soon. :-)


Oh,ok thanks👍

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Make real ether while destroying your opponents.
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How do i find out how many packs i have purchased !? I know its no where near 500 packs , but im curious! 👍


you can check that out in discord. I just checked yours and you have total 235 packs.


I can't seem to check out anything on discord even though I just downloaded the app once again! Anything I type in it says that does not exist or something like that. This is why I quit going there 2 years ago . I was just there earlier and didn't get anywhere after 30 minutes so once again, I give up on that stupid site! Anyways thanks so much for the information and checking it out for me your awesome!👌👍✌️

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Sorry to hear that, I never had a problem with Discord, I use my PC mostly but do have the app as well. Maybe try going on your PC or laptop without using the app.


Thanks , I just figured it out, when I go in by following a link by someone I was clicking on "Chrome" instead of "APP" Its working now , hahaha , its amazing , I just spent hours figuring this out , which ended up being a simple thing 😂❤✌Aint that the way it always is though!! lol!