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Hey there, I'm writing this post as a friendly reminder about the @vimm delegation rewards program. In case you didn't know, you can support an amazing Steem project and receive monthly payouts for your delegation.

How it Works

When a streamer gets upvoted on Vimm.TV, 82% of the rewards go directly in the streamer's pocket. Then 9% goes to @vimm.pool and is distributed to delegators based on the size of their delegations. The remaining 9% goes towards @vimm to help cover server costs, community events like #vimmraidday, giveaways, and future tournaments.

Payouts are sent out to delegators on the 11th day of the month. The minimum delegation to receive a payout is 25 SP.

What is Vimm?

Vimm is a live streaming platform that aims to remove the middleman so viewers and creators don’t have to pay enormous fees on tips and other transactions. This creates a more healthy ecosystem for streamers, giving each creator a fair opportunity to generate revenue by doing something they love. Vimm tries to proactively connect with the various live streaming communities by organizing different events. Head to Vimm.tv and give it a try!

Delegation Links

25 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 250 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 2500 SP

Thank you to everyone on this list for supporting @Vimm!

AccountM Vesting Shares

My Vimm Channel

As you may or may not know, I am a developer for @vimm and I also have a channel on Vimm.tv where I host a weekly Update stream in which I cover recent progress on the project and also discuss what's hapenning behind the scene for upcoming community events and contests. That's 11am EST on Thursdays!

I also stream some games there from time to time :)

Social Media Links

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Hi Chiren! We are having a blast over on VIMM, you guys have definitely put out a fantastic streaming platform, and its been really fun getting to know it and you guys.

A bit of the confusion about the percentages that I had last night, when you confirmed that it was 18%, has to do with this:


Also, of course Steem has a distribution with authors and curators, it is not exactly 75/25 but kind of an odd, timed algorithm with a 75/25 maximum, but you may want to be careful when you say that 81% (or 82 if that is the case) go directly into the streamers pocket.

You're right, that should say 82%. Apologies for the confusion.