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Gonna hit up some GTA RP Tonight. Been hard deciding what to play...I got blockchain games to grind but this GTA RP is hittin the gaming spot for me right now!

Been super tired after work the last few days, hence my absence, but I am motivated to get something going. Not sure how long I'll be on. The only thing I don't like about GTA RP is the long wait times to get in the server I'm on. The 32 player limit on the servers is kinda annoying, especially because last time I played it literally took 4 hours to finally get in. I guess it gives me time to grind some Steem Monsters battles while I wait. I did play a little off stream a couple of days ago but I couldn't be on too long so that's why I didn't bother going live.

Right now I am just torn between my blockchain games and GTA RP. So I'll give ya a list of my favourite Blockchain games right now: Steem Monsters, NextColony, AXIE Infinity, Chain Monsters, 0xUniverse and now Crypto Space Commanders, which I just bought a ship for but haven't quite played yet. Just feeling GTA a little more, but definitely plan on getting a good blockchain gaming session in this week. We'll see how it goes!

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What season are we in? The SM Website once told me...literally once. Can't find that info anymore.

If you are interested in some Axie Infinity...feel free to join under me! I would really appreciate it!

As always, it is inevitable that I may get called away from my PC mid-stream for business. I'll usually announce if I am returning, but will need to end the stream quickly when this happens.

When I joined Steemit I made the decision to always Power-Up my earnings. For now, payouts are set to 50/50 but you bet I will convert & Power Up! Besides internal transfers, I have never cashed out and don't plan on it! Power-Up only!


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