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Social life has revolutionized the way we communicate and socialize. It has removed the boundaries and brought people together from all corners of the world. This is a place to make new friends, meet old friends, connect with people who have similar interests, but unfortunately also brings easy access to a lot of devastating content like pornography.
While there is a platform that provides a safe and comfortable environment for socializing, VIMee also upholds Islamic justice law by sharing 50% of all profits with its users based on highly profitable algorithms. Users can now get money in the form of FIAT and VIMX tokens by uploading content, accepting likes and comments, and also only by becoming active users.
Alright, let's speak briefly about the Vimee project

What is Vimee

VIMee is the first sharia-based social network in the world that aims to protect Islamic ethics, freedom of expression, and re-privatize user data. VIMee is a unique decentralized social platform built on the principle of maintaining freedom of speech and Islamic ethics.

Vimee's goal

The main purpose of the VIMee network is to provide a safe, comfortable and safe environment for all users to communicate, with the exception of negative factors such as racism, pornography, gender inequality and other negative aspects of ordinary centralized social networking. To ensure that all of these principles are taken as the basis for the creation of the VIMee - sharia platform, which describes the purest and most harmonious relationship between all people.

Benefits given

  1. Privacy
    You, as a user, have your data. You can choose with whom you want to share this information and how. You have your own content.
  2. Open-source crowdfunded development is transparent, not funded. There is no monopoly by one company, and no tracking.
  3. Decentralized
    Social networking runs on servers that are run independently, rather than using a large central server owned by a company.
  4. Islamic Islamic Law is our basis. There is no pornography, no racism, gender equality and justice.
  5. Beneficial Users make money using the platform. All income earned will be shared with users.
  6. Education
    Give da'wah, share knowledge, help others learn about true Islam. A network where everyone can learn.

FEATURES offered

  • Online Wallet
    To store all valuable VIMX tokens and FIAT prizes.
  • Channel
    Follow and stay up to date with all your hobbies and interests.
  • Messenger
    instant messaging service. Keep in touch at a personal level.
  • News Feed
    All the stories that mean the most to you every time you visit.
  • Group Chat
    Gather, share ideas, gather with friends. A must for all social circles.
  • Video
    Edit and upload private, community, or even breaking events.
  • Picture
    There is no complete social network without your personal photo gallery.
  • Trading
    Buy, sell, monetize content, advertisements, sponsors, all to support your commercial needs.
  • Qibla Compass
    Never felt lost again. Always know which direction to pray.
  • Prayer Schedule Schedule
    prayer that is adjusted globally to suit your location.
  • Quran & Hadith
    Read, quote, share and look for the Holy Quran and Hadith.
  • Hijri calendar
    Find accurate annual, monthly and weekly Islamic dates.


ViMee is developed based on the Waves blockchain and is expressed by the nominal symbol as - VIMX. In total, developers will be released 2 billion coins from them for sale will be available only 30% percent, 55% will remain in reserve, and the rest of the coins will be distributed between founding teams, gift participants and company advertisements. The initial value of the coin itself is estimated as follows: 1 ETH = 10,000 / 1 WAVE = 167 VIMX.

Token Sale
Token Name: VIMee
Token symbol: VIMX
Platform Token: Stellra
Total supply of tokens: 2,000,000,000
Tokens for sale: 600,000,000 (30%)
Price of tokens: 1 ETH = 10,000 VIMX
Private Sales, Pre ICO & ICO Target - 54,000 ETH

Token distribution




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