A villege story

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by apurba chowdhury

Born in the city. Grew up in rule-ration The life of the rule between the boundaries between the boundaries. After the end of the annual examination, the parents would go to the village home. Then at school I read it. Dad used to go from two days. The rest of the day with my mother was a chance. Due to the fact that many grand houses were in the same district, two houses were ruled by two ruled states.

There was a Muni in Dada's house. The house was near the house and the family lived there. Fame was made to fulfill the order. If there was no short time in the house, no one was playing. A son of Muni had a patriarchal age. With him the goodness developed. Both of them are worried about the whole day. At noon, one pants pulled off the trunk and jumped from the fig tree in the pit, I would jump into the pond. To make a shapla that took the palm of the palm tree in the center of the bills, Some people in the village looked up. It is inappropriate to befriend a friend with a son of his master. If a boy with a clean dressed boy gets a dull ball with a boy in a clear play, then the groom will bend his cock.

Who is more than happy to find someone with whom manish and a servant, a boy's mind goes with him. Hand fairs, sharing food, eating bites on one side of the ice cream, and biting another side forward. The half of the cucumber gave the chocolate to the rest of the people. No one is born with difference, society makes a difference.

He used to come from morning in the morning, he was still busy taking a hammer in the kantha due to the winter. When I was sitting in a rigid bench on the invitation of the house, I would come out of the house to wipe out the eyes. If you used to eat, say! I would have extended my hand. The little boys of the village also lungi later. Lungi would bring out the whole cake from the hole. It was only till primary school. If grandmother dies, there is no one else in the house. I forgot time in time.

When I came to England, I did not wait for medical examinations of the first year. The city, the family, the people were then dragging. Went to the country. One day the mother said, you do not go to the village for many years. When people go to the village, they ask you. A shawl of this village has taken a degree in foreign countries, and it is also proud of them.

I went to the village with mother. People came to see the zoo in this house, where people went to see the zoo. Makes chairs, gives chairs, somebody has no two, pants with sincerity. I greeted the feet of the elders, happy, covered with a thin body and chest in the chest. Cut the papaya, whispered by a hesitant, knife spoon, mama came from abroad! Someone goes inside, bring something, and loaves a papaya with a thistle. One cuts a dab, when the glass is ready to slip, I do not have to wear glass, keep it in the mouth of the footage. At the time of eating food and eating it, the dab water was melting down the throat and falling on top of the head as if the big kid had urine. Little boys laugh openly!

In the crowd there is an oil oil face behind two shoulders. Take out the red teeth to eat and drink laughing out of sight. The eyes became brighter in two moments. Out of the mouth, hey Tajul! He is more smiling than he heard. Calling me to the call, I came near. Now all the eyes of the crowd in the yard are towards him now. She became too lazy, she It seemed as if he could escape.

I got up from the chair myself. He is standing on a corner of the courtyard with a piece of pebbles. Half a shirt with a shirt, lungi and mud mache leg. Shirt pocket swelling, maybe Bidi packets. Pulling the crowd caught the chest. He was shy, he saw many eyes watching him. He might have thought that this is a great dishonesty, but I know how much it feels like to myself. A doctor, save his head, shifts another field, sells the body.

When the crowd came down to the mother, I walked to the railway track with Tajul. As well as both of the walk. You said that he was I said, you tell me, you were born in the same year, two months ago later. She is humiliated with humiliation. I asked to make it easy - get bidi. Asked to know, you eat cigarettes! I said, no, do not eat. But remember that you eat and steal your father's bikini during that childhood. I saw two white smoke spraying white smoke while smoking bidi. Eat drink red red teeth out loud and he smiles.

Wherever I went all day I went with Tajul. I talked, I forced some money for my wife and I did not want to take it. What a happy, lively today, he can not match people, seeing such a move with him! Looked at the face, the elders want to push Tajul to one corner, like chasing crabs from cocails. The pond, the plum tree, the village hat, the school house, the board office road, the day was left to see. I came in the morning, I'll be back in the evening. Mtab has parked cars in the open space.

Before moving in the car, everyone is shaking hands with Tajim, so that I'm sending me to the grave! Tajul stood in one corner. Having a hand behind the helpless posture, a corner of the lungi has been raised above. Going down and hugging in the chest.

Everyone in the crowd looked at the car. I went back and saw that Tajul was going back to the hats, maybe to hide the tears, maybe it was a good day's walk in the chest. The car is moving towards the city, Tajul looking at the sky!

© Opurbo Chowdhury

About the author :
Apurba Chowdhury Doctor and Writer Born in Bangladesh, living in England Notable Books - Anecdotes: The Mind Visit Life.

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