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Yet vigor is contagious and whatever makes us either think or feel strongly, adds to our power and enlarges our field of inquiry.

Considerations by the way Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Almost a year ago to the day, I had a conversation with a woman I didn't know who reached out to me via LinkedIn some months before. She started a blockchain training business for artists. I knew at least one person who was an instructor, so I asked if she needed any more. Her business had tweeted about a podcast I was on so I thought that was why she contacted me. But that wasn't the reason why - she wanted to ask whether I would be interested in jointly writing an article.

I realized while talking with her that the article's subject was very dear to me. I came up with more ideas and connections that I hadn't made before.

What a different conversation one has when interested in the subject!


It adds to my power because the enthusiasm is contagious and the listener may think that there must be something significant in what this person is saying.

It enlarges my field of action because if I had not been capable of expressing enthusiasm, there wouldn't be an enlargement of my field of action.

Whether the article is written or not, I spoke with a new person with whom I had a common interest. It was worth it!

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