Viewly - Creators video - ft Charlie Shrem

in viewly •  11 months ago

Proud to be a part of the Viewly platform and to be in this first of the creators' videos.

The video features content creators such as: @dannyshine, @edenmichelle, @leelektrik, @owenkay, @danshaw, @shaewebb and yours truly @lizzvox

The video starts of with a message from Charlie Shrem who has bought into Viewly with his international consortium. Charlie Shrem invested 900 Etherium - we are happy to see his support as well as his role as an advisor to Viewly.

Don't forget to support @furion and @good-karma as witness on Steem!

Join the viewly community at and sign up for the whitelist at the official website - sales are already at 70% so hurry and get your piece of the pie

Really want to say thanks to @Furion and the rest of the team

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching the video

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Thanks for your animated clip Lizz - couldn't have made the video without all of you wonderful creators

We made history girls


:)) not all of us are girls! :) Glad to have you on board, buddy!


Hahahaha 😂

Great to be on the video with you Lizz