Viewly Announces Official Token Sale Date

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For those of you who haven't heard the exciting news yet...

@viewly has now announced the official ICO token sale date.

The official date is set for 22 February 2018.

Details of the Token Sale are below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 20.25.02.png

Very exciting times ahead this year for @viewly! Viewly hopes for the ICO to push start the decentralised video platform forward on its journey of becoming the best blockchain video creator platform

Read the full announcement here:

Furthermore, if you are based in London... @viewly team will be attending the London Blockchain Week at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on Jan 22nd-24th.

For further information read the full article here:

If you miss the London Blockchain Week, you can still meet the @viewly team at the Viewly London Meetup. It's going to be be hosted at the Leman Street Tavern pub around 6-8:30pm on January 23rd.

For details on the venue:

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We'll be on our way to America @leelektrik or we would surely have joined you at the informal gathering

Thanks for all the info @leelektrik. Happy that you will be at the meet-up at the Leman Street Tavern pub - say hi to Tudor and Munly for me

see you there

@leelektrik can't wait to meet you buddy 👍

Thanks for keeping us updated. Looks like a great project! I liked using the Alpha site

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