Our Friends from Viewly Are Getting Exchange

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If you are not aware View.ly is a project made by our very own @furion and the team. Its a video streaming platform which is blockchain based.

They had a successful ICO and soon tokens will be moveable and tradeable.

The first spot to list VIEW the native token is LiveCoin


Worth to note that also have PPY which is Graphene based along with EOS.

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that's a great project

Another Dlive!

Soon, I hope blockchain will power most aspects of the internet and our lives :)

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It's a great project @kingscrown... Will be following up to get updated on it🙌🙏

This is an amazing project indeed

The great news
Thanks for sharing cryptocurrency
Very nice post

I dont know about this this is good

I think view.ly has a chance :)

Keep it up

Wow, I believe the platform will be a success. View.ly sound unique tho

Sounds cool. I've never heard of it before. My question is, what's the difference between this and Dtube?

Good luck :)

Oh that's really great and in my opinion great because the Platform is created by the Steemian, and this Platform really sounds great because nowadays everyone is engaged in watching videos and most of the people watch Youtube videos for hours and now an Video Streaming platform based on Blockchain Technology is releasing the token so in my opinion people can showcase interest because it will gather engagement for sure. Thanks for sharing this update with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nice project. I follow, resteem and upvote your posts

view.ly is completely new to me which is blockchain based. Thanks for sharing this with us.

awesome post (kingscrown)thanks

Hmmmm different cryptocurrencies are being reviewed lately. Livecoin again.. Wow

Worth to note that also have PPY which is Graphene based along with EOS.

Hmmm I saw that #smiles

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