🌴 Viewly 🎬 Crowdsale successfully completed! (VIEW token trading update)

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Congratulations to the Viewly team on a successful private and public sale!

As a creator and a long time supporter of this project, it's been an honour supporting and working with this amazing team and I look forward to a long and prosperous journey with Viewly.

Building an ad-free video platform with powerful tools that can help creators to monetize their content is an illustrious goal and I believe that Viewly has the team to rise above the challenges.

Charlie Shrem is both an advisor and a contributor with Viewly and he recently announced that VIEW coins (currently in the form of ERC20 tokens) will be tradable on livecoin.net in March. Great news if you missed the sale and you still want to join us and help create the video platform of the future.

Bounties and the airdrop are now being finalised and transfers should be completed in about 14 days, as reported by Tudor (@ideagenerator), the community manager, who has done an excellent job maintaining one of the biggest groups on Telegram (over 30,000 members).

Follow this blog to keep up to date on all the exciting new developments. There is a new alpha version coming soon and new high quality content creators are joining Viewly on a constant basis.

Support @furion and @stefanfurlan, part of the world class dev team at Viewly.

Thanks for reading

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So exciting this whole project @jacklimberis - so happy you brought us all on board


Thanks for all your support, @pandamama!

Woohoo! So exciting! This project has come a long way. Congrats!


Yeah, it's been quite a journey! Exciting indeed.

It's been quite a journey @deimus - looking forward to seeing the progress with Viewly


Can't wait to see your new video projects on Viewly @leelektrik. Exciting times!

Congratulations @furion and viewly team.

Great read! Feel free to take a look at our project World Wi-Fi and please let us know if we could cooperate with you!