🌴 Tropical Crypto 🎬 Welcome to Viewly (with video featuring Charlie Shrem)

in viewly •  9 months ago

Are you getting your video content ready for Viewly? The crowdsale is coming soon, so join the community and get involved!

Watch the video on Viewly Alpha
Watch the video on Viewly Alpha

Viewly is the only platform that puts video creators first and I saw the potential as soon as I first heard about it. I'm really excited to present this video featuring some of the amazing content creators coming soon to Viewly.

The video includes some very talented creators, many of whom are on Steem - @dannyshine, @edenmichelle, @djlizzvox, @leelektrik, @owenkay, @danshaw and @shaewebb.

Don't forget to support @furion and @stefanfurlan, part of the world class dev team at Viewly.

Join the viewly community at https://t.me/Viewly and sign up for the whitelist at the official website https://View.ly

Thanks for reading

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AMAZING video @jacklimberis - loving it - thanks for all your hard work - I'm getting great feedback from friends and creators


Thanks for all your help getting all the creators on board, @pandamama!

Cool video Jack - and proud to be in it - looking forward to the future of Viewly - and roll on 22nd February


Thanks for your video @leelektrik! Great to have you on the Viewly boat.

Loving it Jack - so proud of you and this video - will look great on my CV


The soundtrack that you made was truly epic! Thanks so much for all the videos, I couldn't have done this without you!


The soundtrack is mind blowing gets right into your heart. ♥️ Awesomeness!!


Agree 100%

You have unbelievable talent baby, I love the video and the music is absolutely perfect. Well done all!


Thanks baby, can't wait to work on videos together! xx

Very nice project viewly - @edenmichelle also inspiring

This is so awesome 👍 great work everyone and so glad to have you on the Viewly platform 🤗

Whoa - you're a rock star @jacklimberis - let's do this concert in Cyprus with Viewly


Yeah, we must organise that as soon as possible! Thanks for the video you sent @lizzvox!

Awesome work Jack! Thanks for making me apart of the video :) Can't wait to start putting our content on Viewly!

Those are the two things that matter: the team's ability to deliver (vouched for none other than the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation) and video author's enthusiasm for the platform which Viewly clearly has. Its poised to make an impact in blockchain-driven video.


Yeah, we're really excited about this project, thanks for your support!

Very very good video Jack - thanks for including us - we are so amped for Viewly


Thanks for the video that you sent @danshaw, hope you're having an amazing tour of the US!

@jacklimberis - I love what you have done with our clips - you are so talented. Viewly here we come !!

wow really cool his video i really like,
hopefully can give us a better one again @jacklimberis