🌴 Tropical Crypto 🎬 VIEWLY ICO - Whitelisting is live!

in viewly •  10 months ago

Are you ready for Viewly? The only video platform that puts video creators first!

The public sale starts on 22nd February so sign up for the whitelist now!

We've got a ton of creators on board already - @edenmichelle, @lizzvox, @leelektrik, @owenkay, @danshaw and more are joining every day! If you're a video creator, add a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!

Please resteem this post and help us spread the word about the future of video creation. If you want the latest updates join the community on telegram at https://t.me/Viewly and you can sign up directly for the whitelist and check out the whitepaper at https://view.ly

Don't forget to support @furion and @good-karma as witness on Steem!

Thanks for reading

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Thanks Jack for telling us all about Viewly - I'm truly excited to be a part of this exciting platform


Loved the instagram video with you and @leelektrik... epic! Thanks for all your support!

... and the journey begins @jacklimberis - thanks for bringing us on board. On my way to Las Vegas now


What happens in Vegas stays in Vega... wait a minute.. dude that's my sister!

Haha, all the best for your tour!

We're on this boat together - very exciting times - roll on February


The best boat to be on, @leelektrik! To the moon!


Do boats go to the moon?


This one does!

Thanks Jack for making us "Viewly Ready"


Thanks, Shae! Great to have you on board!

Still getting to video, this looks like a great place for video creators @jacklimberis

Sounds really exciting! That’s less than a month away. It’ll be here before you know it!

@echowhale team swimming by with your upvotes


If @journeyoflife is the name, then the destination is clear. Thanks for your support!

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