🌴 Tropical Crypto 🎬 Nomad Summit 2018 - VIEWLY crowdsale starting soon!

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The Viewly crowdsale starts soon! This weekend I was at the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand to help spread the word about this amazing platform.

IMG_20180119_172927.jpgMunly and I representing Viewly at the summit.

IMG_20180119_175622.jpgProceedings began on Friday with the registration and a meet and greet

IMG_20180119_175542.jpgI had no idea the summit would be so busy!

An interview by the film crew from Beach City

IMG_20180120_113215.jpgThe main event on Saturday included some excellent talks from some prominent entrepreneurs from all over the world.

IMG_20180120_141131.jpgThe afternoon session

IMG_20180120_124352.jpgLunch consisted of a royal feast of delicious Thai cuisine.

Of course there's always room for desert!

IMG_20180120_203933.jpgThe afterparty was held at the Maya rooftop bar

IMG_20180121_163103.jpgFinally on Sunday we all got to kick back and enjoy a wicked pool party along with some kick-ass DJs to get the vibes going

IMG_20180121_134756.jpgMy work for the weekend done, it was time to enjoy one of the famous Thailand bucket cocktails

To get the latest updates on the crowdsale, join us on telegram at https://t.me/Viewly

Don't forget to support @furion and @good-karma as witness on Steem!

Please don't forget to upvote and resteem to help spread the word about Viewly!

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Great post @jacklimberis - looking forward to seeing you guys again. Thanks for the great opportunity that Viewly is giving to us creatives


Hey @owenkay, thanks for your support! Can't wait to hear some of your new material.

Oh how I wish I was there with you @jacklimberis - I'm on the airoplane to a very cold New York - but hopefully lots of fireplaces. The pool and the bucket look enticing


All the best of luck for your trip to the USA, @edenmichelle!

You are so lucky @jacklimberis - wish I was diving into that pool. It's so cold in England - anyway hope to catch some sun soon


Yeah, I can't wait for you all to come visit @leelektrik!

Find me a job there @jacklimberis and I'll be there - missing seeing Lesley in your selfies

Hey hey hey @jacklimberis - this brings back fond memories of our trip in Thailand with you. Hope we get to do Thailand with you again in the future. And those "buckets" - who can forget that


Yeah @lizzvox, I'll never forget that trip - so many amazing memories! It's amazing to be back here in Thailand and not just because of the buckets, haha

looks like great fun all the best and keep safe.


Awesome post!! @jacklimberis Go Team SA I hope to travel like you someday soon!! Gave you a follow 😁👌🏼


Just do it, you won't regret it! Thailand is a great place to start, 'cause it's really not expensive.

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