Viewly Alpha is down for maintanance

in #viewly7 years ago (edited)

Unfortunately, the hosting provider we used for Viewly Alpha has failed us. None of the videos were lost, as they are distributed on multiple p2p nodes worldwide.

This downtime is an opportunity for us to re-design our stack for a distributed deployment on a global scale.

Please feel free to join our telegram group for updates.



It's Alpha, @furion. We understand. Keep working at it and you'll have a product that we all use and love, before long. Thank you so much for the constant updates.

Thank you for the update @furion

As a long time YouTuber, I am watching this with excitement.

Sorry about the little hiccup, I know yall will get over it and I look forward to trying this out!!


Thank you so much for the constant updates.thank for your info @furion thats great : i like your work

as they say, "Rome was not built in a day." Hoping all will be good one day, and I can be very patient for a great product.

No good news. Reliability is often a problem. Hard to find a good partner.

I really like a simple post like this and have a big enough meaning in his greetings from me to you and I will follow you and see about you @furion

Glad you have found out early about the hosting provider, i am very sure that the team of Viewly will come back strongly....

thank for your info @furion thats great :D

Nice post..thanks for sharing.. upvoted and resteemed

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