Perfect and Superb view from my window

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Hello dearest friends
I would love to share with my friends the beautiful, superb and crazy view from my window. While sitting besides the window having a cup of tea with biscuits is amazing.
In this content you can see the mountains full of snow. The view from my window is very much interesting when wake up in the morning with the sweet wind blowing. In the month of December every year there is heavy snow falling in these mountains. I really love to visit that places and seeing from my window. No problem if there is lockdown all over the country but u can see the beautiful scenes from your window.




Especially at the time of evening when the sun is getting set is very much beautiful scene and amazing view. I really love to capture the beauty and sharing with my lovely friends from steemit.
Thanks to the steemit team for creating that amazing 100 days challenge. Its awesome to participate in that contest.

Thanks for reading my content
Author: @shanishah

Challenge topic: 100 days of steem
Day 5: The view from my window
Photography challenge


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I really envy this view!

Thank you for taking part in the View From My Window Photography Challenge.

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