Meme the News- 4/20/18

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So many criminals to expose. So much bullshit idealogy out there. So, much crap in the world. Do you have time to sift through it all? No! That's why you need meme the news. Get your news round up in 10 min and go on with your life!

Lock'em up!

Free Assange

Mimimum wage doesn't do what you think it does if you're a liberal

Second Amendment protects all the others

Cause then what motherfuckers?

Planned parenthood is gonna get nuetered over the next 3 years

He really is a creepy fucktard

Love that face- got trolled so hard. She's reading the question from something pre-prepared.

Signature method

This who thing is so dark

The world is a stage

Indiginous people

Vaccines in the news... can't have an honest dialogue about them

Fucking taxes... if you knew they only pay interest on debt that's made from money printed out of nothing but our own signature and promise to pay it back

Seriously, free Assange

Good trolling right here

English motherfuckers

So many crooks... why he with the PM?

This asshole was so bad

She's kinda a big deal

Anti-vaxxers literally risk their lives to tell us what they find

In case of presidential pardons

MA adding that gold star.... creepy cause it reminds me of Hitler's star and apparently immigrants may get one too


Fucking mind control get leaked-

News in the news

It's unlikely your plane has problems... unless the Deep State or white hats wants you dead

Banning truthers again

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Happy four twenty everybody, be safe

Alternative news keeps ya on ur toes

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Re: Indigenous People

The people who want Global Governance in the New World Order want to centralize the control of the Earth's natural resources. In order to get control, they need to subjugate the local populations living near the resources. Those populations are mostly there because the resource, like coal or iron ore or oil, provided jobs or a means of making a living for their ancestors. The UN is also trying to control the world's water supply. The "Globalists", in order to get control of the resources, are using immigration (like putting Somalis in Minnesota near our iron ore and steel-producing facilities) and civil unrest/war to get control of the resources. Once "indigenous" populations (including US citizens) are neutralized, the politicians are free to trade the resources with the highest bidder. This is like the African system where the people are poor and have no rights to the resources but the "business people" from more technologically advanced countries are able to go in and pay off the African politicans and buy the rights to the natural resources. Uranium one is an example of this happening in the USA. There is no doubt that they were planning to sell our iron ore deposits to a foreign country once they had neutralized the locals.

They also manage resources using fake "Environmentalism". If they want to conserve something for their future consumption, they put regulations on it justified by "Environmentalism" so that the natural resource can't be exploited. Case in point: Elites are building nuclear fallout shelters in NZ and NZ is now forbidding off-shore drilling. They want the oil for their future. The US was energy dependent and now they are independent (someone must have decided that it was ok to develop our resources).

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Re: Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau, a former Prime Minister of Canada. Justin's positioning is like the Bushes handing down the US Presidency to their family members. Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada for 15 and a half years. Pierre Trudeau was strongly influenced by Jesuits. Jesuits are really into mind control.

Justin is a puppet of something or someone. I don't exactly know who or what.

Your headlines got me racing down here.

Let me now follow the news in bits. Hehehe

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thanks for the update much to learn

wow i love this concept...easy no hastles. nice [email protected]


Meme news has become one of my staple series on steemit if this was a dtube channel im sure it will be my go to for all news!

Great post as always!

Here is the actual post from Mark ZuckerburgScreenshot_20180421-082321.png