Vienna from two perspectives / Co-learning Report February 2020

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tom and richard spaces.jpg

Our time in Vienna written by Tomáš Bělovský and Richard Hyroš

Teamwork at Spaces Quare One GS 02:2020.jpg

We arrived in Vienna on Sunday 26th at about 10 a.m. We unpacked our luggages and went out to look around our apartment. We were accommodated at "Apartments Heine" so we checked all nearby shops and places. The weather wasn’t very good that day, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the city.

Tomas Hug Inn Ofiice.jpg

On the next day was our first day at job. We arrived at Hug Inn Vienna and met Christoph @manncpt, our tutor, co-founder & chairman of Option 2.0 @opt2o who is also Community Manager of the Global School. We got acquainted with our projects and started to work.

melange tom GS February.jpg

I (Thomas) was supposed to design a building in a 3D modelling program and Richard was working on a contact management application for the organisation.

dirtwater work it.jpg

In the next days we took Christoph's advice and worked from quite a few places. We visited Cafe DirtWater, Cafe Pelican, Cafe weXelerate, Spaces Square One or we even worked from our apartments!

wexelerate cafe IT.jpg

melange IT .jpg

During the work on our projects we were also in contact with Jean @jnmarteau, senior developer and President of Option 2.0, which was very helpful. He helped us a lot with our tasks and thanks to that, it wasn’t just a intense learning process and work, but also fun!

tom dirwater.jpg

Richard Sandwich Dirtwater.jpg

We also did normal sightseeing in Vienna. We saw so many places that I will just list few of them, otherwise this article would be really long. We were at beautiful palace Schönbrunn, Prater after the nightfall, Heldenplatz square, Ernst Hapel Stadion, Technical museum in Vienna and Richard also visited an E-sport bar respawn! We did not idle even in sports activities. We were playing football, went running and even went to gym.

hapel stadion.jpg

In conclusion we really enjoyed our last three weeks here and are thankful for this first internship experience abroad. The days were full of entertainment and we were growing our knowledge & improved our english skills.

tom football .jpg


Good work Thomas and Richard! It was a pleasure for me to mentor you during the last weeks. You are always welcome back at the @globalschool! ;)

Looks like a great project - some bright young minds gathering!

Thank you for your support!

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