Co-learning experience and city exploration with the Global School in Vienna (2/2)

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During our visit in Schönbrunn we went to the oldest zoo in Europe - Tiergarten Schönbrunn. Given its location and history, it is known that initially only members of the imperial family had access to the garden. Today we and the general public had the opportunity to see it. The garden is divided into several separate pavilions.

Schönbrunn garden.jpg

You'll be amazed by the rainforest pavilion, the Insektarium pavilion, the desert pavilion (Wüstenhaus) and the polar pavilion (Polarium). There are various aquariums and terrariums too.

It is a good place for a day trip with classmates or family. We also found interactive games and places to relax. You can also buy various snacks and food in many places in the zoo. We had a map so getting around the zoo wasn't difficult and we managed to see many animals. However, if you want to see all of the animals, you have to watch out for the feeding time. Some animals eat and relax inside during these hours and may not be outside.





Stephansdom - a beautiful Gothic cathedral that will amaze you with its power and detail. It is the largest cathedral in Vienna. The cathedral can be accessed from several sides. The main gateway is the Giant Gate (Riesentor). The cathedral is in Gothic style, but the interior is decorated in the Baroque style. There is a valuable collection of 18 altars, a pulpit, an imperial house of prayer, a collection of art objects, ...

We were impressed by the southern tower (Südturm) with its height of 137 meters. We conquered 343 steps. We got to the room, which originally served as an observation point for fire or enemy arrivals. The reward after all those steps was a beautiful view of Vienna.


Hofburg - winter residence of the Habsburgs- is located in the center and is best reached by metro today. Inside there's a Sisi Museum but it's forbidden to take pictures in the interior. There are many artifacts that tell the life of Sisi. Among other things, there is a well-known riding school (Hofreitschule) and stables, chapels, the Austrian National Library, the Imperial Treasury, the National Theater.

We think it is one of the most helpful places to get to know the history of the Habsburg family and the time they lived in. We recommend visiting even just for a relaxing walk around the city.


We chose the city park as the best place to relax around the city. If you are going sightseeing, you should definitely come here. You'll be able to find here many places to relax. There's a pond and there are meadows, flower beds and also a golden monument of Johann Strauss. There are also a monuments of Franz Schubert, Franz Lehar and Robert Stolz, a marble statue of the painter Hans Makart, a bronze bust of the composer Anton Bruckner and the Vienna Mayor of Andreas Zelinka.

We also came across a flower clock that pleasantly surprised us. It is definitely a great place to relax and we're definitely visiting it again.


Thank you for your attention and support!


Authors and Photographers: Greta Hanusova, Maria Szokeova, Alex Agocs, Kristina Kotova, Egon Nemeth
Mentor: Christoph @manncpt Hosting organisation: @opt2o

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Thank you for joining with so much inspiration and motivation our projects during your time in Vienna!

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They pictures and texts are really good. I didn't need to change a lot. :)