A visit at Cafe Dirtwater / Interview and reviews of the students

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We got the task to do an interview in the Dirtwater Cafe. We went to the coffeehouse after the Globalschool meeting at Hug Inn, the headquarter of @opt2o.

Dirtwater Cafe November.jpg

It is a very nice place with ecological coverage. Part of the money they earn goes to water treatment and improvement. The motto is: “Don’t speak, just do it!”

Dirtwater NGO Cafe.jpg

Cafe Dirtwater employee.jpg

This is an interview with one of the happy employees:

How long have you been working here?
“For 8 month.”

What do you think about this place?
“It is a pretty nice place, actually. We build this up with a friend of mine so …”

Is the project important for you? And if yes, Why?
“Yeah, for sure. Because I think the basic resources like water to know and build the awareness of hygiene is just really important to everyone. About 60% people living on this planet don’t even know what safe water is. There should be something done.”

Do you go to the places, where your donations go to?
“Me? No, because I would be pretty much useless for these people there. Everything we do is to teach people overthere how to claim the water on their own and build up the whole water systems. So basically everything we do is just to bring this people the knowhow.”

dirtwater november frams.jpg

It was interesting to explore the project and get a new perspective on water. There was a friendly atmosphere and good coffee. We can highly recommend the location!

Dirtwater November work.jpg

Dominik Špaček

To be honest it was the first time in my life when my coffee was made with latte art. The place was clean and cozy. I would recommend it to students, because it was quiet in there as well.

Lucie Langšádlová

I can just say good things about this café. I would recommend it to everyone to visit it. The staff was very helpful and the atmosphere incredibly cozy, plus the project is a great idea to me. I can imagine spending there all day.

Libor Lajtoch

The café is nice and clean, lots of people are hanging out here. Desserts were good, but the coffee was ok. You have to wait quite a long time for the service but I appreciate the idea of the charity.

Adam Růžička

The main idea of the project is good and interesting too. I like the interior design of the café, it is cozy and it is pleasure to be there. The staff were kind.

Žaneta Vlasáková

I think the café and its project is amazing. We tasted some coffee and tea. It was delicious! The place looked really beautiful inside.

Vanessa Mráčková

I think it's a great idea to support the project. Coffee was very good. I liked it there.

Natálie Kinclová

In the coffeehouse was a very nice atmosphere. I liked the concept of their project. The coffee was good too. Next time I'll taste some food.

Kristýna Rykrová

I really liked it there. It is a cozy place with friendly staff and they're making good coffee.

dirtwater November roof.jpg

Dirtwater Melange.jpg


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Danke für deinen Beitrag

Great review of the NGO Cafe Project, good work! The pictures are nice, too. :)

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