VidyCoin Airdrop Announcement

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The Vidy team is happy to announce a unique way of Airdropping VidyCoin to the community.

・Upon successful signup you will reserve 95 VidyCoin
・Refer your friends to reserve additional 30 VidyCoin for each successful referral

VidyCoin Airdrop

Are you Eligible for the Airdrop?
Everyone is eligible, provided you complete the steps outlined below. All current community members are eligible for the Airdrop and the referral bonus as well as new members.

In order to earn 80 VidyCoin, participants will have to complete tasks for all of VIDY’s official social media platforms. Complete instructions for claiming Airdrop tokens will be given from an official announcement.

How to Take part?
1. Fill in the Airdrop form here.

・Enter your name, E-mail address and ERC20 wallet address. (Myetherwallet, Metamask, Jazz)

2. Follow VIDY’s official Facebook page.

・Reward: 10 VidyCoin
・Like and Share the VIDY Bounty post on your profile.
・Use hashtags #VIDY #ICO #Blockchain #ETH #crypto along with the link to the website: in the post description.

3. Follow VIDY’s official Twitter handle.

・Reward: 10 VidyCoin
・Like and Retweet VIDY Bounty Tweet on VIDY profile.
・In case you retweet the VIDY Bounty tweet with comments use the hashtags #VIDY #ICO #Blockchain #ETH #crypto and link to the website: in the post description.

4. Subscribe to VIDY’s official Subreddit.

・Reward: 15 VidyCoin
・Upvote the pinned message
・Make a positive comment about VIDY on it.

5. Subscribe to VIDY’s official YouTube Channel.

・Reward: 15 VidyCoin
・Like VIDY’s recent Videos.
・Make a positive comment about VIDY on it.

6. Follow VIDY’s official Instagram Account.

・Reward: 15 VidyCoin
・Like VIDY’s recent Posts.
・Make a positive comment about VIDY on it.

7. Complete all the above 4 tasks (mentioned in point 2,3,4,5 and 6)

・Reward: 30 VidyCoin
・You qualify for extra reward.

8. Copy the referral link and spread the word

・Refer more people to earn more reward.

That’s it. You are now entitled to claim 95 VidyCoin. The distribution of tokens shall be done within 30 days after the end of ICO. Please make sure to stay active on our channel.

Refer your friends to reserve additional 30 VidyCoin for each friend who successfully completes all the task.

Bonus: Airdrop Referral Ranking System

Referral bonus will be selected on the basis of the most referrals. You simply need to refer more people to win more rewards.

1st Place — 3,000 VidyCoin

2nd Place — 2,500 VidyCoin

3rd Place — 2,000 VidyCoin

4th Place — 1,750 VidyCoin

5th Place — 1,500 VidyCoin

6th Place — 1,250 VidyCoin

7th Place — 1,000 VidyCoin

8th Place — 750 VidyCoin

9th Place — 500 VidyCoin

10th Place — 250 VidyCoin

To get 3,000 VidyCoin you need to refer as many people as possible. Top 10 winners will be announced when the ICO sale has officially ended. The top 10 winners will be selected on the basis of the most referrals.

The airdrop will last for a short time only, so hurry up, sign up and refer all your friends to become a VidyCoin Airdrop winner!

While VIDY is busy counting your rewards, you can continue to support the VIDY ICO Bounty Campaign by posting your completed tasks on the thread. Your belief in our vision and the strength of our community will make VIDY a success. If you have any further questions regarding the Bounty and Airdrop Campaign, please feel free to message us in the VIDY Telegram group.

Please note: Do NOT provide an exchange address! The Airdropped Vidycoin can only be sent to a ERC-20 Compatible Wallet like MEW (, Metamask, Jazz or a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano.

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