Super Mario World Credits Warp Explained by dotsarecoolsteemCreated with Sketch.

in videos •  last year

One of my favorite youtube videos ever, for my favorite video game ever.

shorter, untechnical version:

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My childhood video game !

you bring my childhood memories back.
Thank you for sharing Shorter version of it with a detailed explanation.

WOW... and from a CTO no less. : /

In order to learn how the credit warp works, Dotsarecool walks you through the SNES's architecture and how "Super Mario World" stored sprites — and how that leads to a very experienced player being able to trick the game into ending prematurely.

Very interesting! Have you played any Odyssey?

nice post i like this post

looks really interesting

Oh god, you made me relive a beautiful part of my childhood.
The girl inside of me thanks you.

info is games