How the blockchain will change YouTube (and Facebook, etc.) forever

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To announce my new STEEM book, I made a video on my YouTube channel, trying to break down how the blockchain will change sites like YouTube or Facebook.

It's a hard thing to explain clearly, but I'm getting a little better at it. If there are any n00bs with questions, please ask! I need to practice helping people get how the blockchain can circumvent the unsustainable ad-supported model.

David Kadavy Steemit Book

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Congratulations on the book David! Looking forward to read it. :)

Thank you!

@acidyo resteemed this great post into my feed.

Watched till about 5 minute mark and had to pause to congratulate you for this great effort. Usually we promote our platform - Steemit only within the confines of the cryptosphere. I love the fact that you wrote a book about it because they are perhaps one of the most effective ways of reaching out to people - people who I can assure you don't even know about blockchain let alone steemit.

The world of crypto is a weird place for a newbie. Once you enter it and struggle a lot but after sometime you get used to it and forget you initial struggling. Thus when another new guy comes in we forget about the fact that he is struggling just like the way we did.

I am hoping that this book bridges that gap. My man you have my respect for taking this initiative!

Hey, thank you so much! Yes, I remember trying to figure it all out eighteen months ago, and it was a lot to digest! Since I concentrate mostly on creating, there are still so many things about crypto that I have yet to learn. But, if this stuff is going to keep going, more people need to be able to figure it out. Hopefully my book will help!

Thanks for introducing me to Steemit, David. I think I've got the gist of it now. :)

You're welcome, and...welcome!

Great promoting the STEEMIT platform and just a way to get to those that maybe don't google too much on the Internet. But publicizing a book, a hard copy that in today's word is not much spread anymore, just enables other to get in contact with this technology. This is welcomed and conferences and through sponsored events to be given to those that want to enter this world and get involved.
Great project my friend, I forgot that there are still real books these days!

Hey David, your introduction to Steemit and all the content you have provided is valuable and interesting. I am excited to start writing myself, and I look forward to reading your book.

I haven't watch the video @kadavy because of the slow connection I have now but I'm on the same side with you. The Internet has been vastly used over the years and people spend hours upon hours surfing Facebook, YouTube and other social media which is centralised. People are offended recently due to the lost of trust in Facebook which makes a lot of money off them. I see Blockchain Tech as the future of these things decentralisation is what wil attract a lot apart from the fact that they could earn.

I'd love to read an abstract of the book but you can not do it on Amazon. I run a small crypto and blockchain consultancy in Barcelona and would love to go over your book to recommend it and maybe translated it

Hey! Wow, I really am surprised that there's not a 'look inside' on my book. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for pointing it out.

Most of the content in the book is available for free in this post. The book is slightly expanded and updated, but this gives you the general idea.

Thank you!

Congratulations buddy nice work done

i follow you.plz follow me and help me for advance.

Steemit is a cool idea, however if people stop buying the tokens on the open market they will become worthless because of a lack of advertising on the platform. There are many pitfalls the steemit cheerleaders refuse to address.

You're right but there is strength in numbers. Eventually I think Steemit will have a decent user base which will bring advertisers and investors.

Yes, those are good points and are very possible

You might want to sign up for @dustsweeper.

STEEM tokens apply to a lot more than Steemit.

That is what people confuse. The fact that bandwidth is priced in STEEM means that it is always in need.

Thanks I have much to learn

However, you must realize that this blogging or posting is compared in mining! This is a new type of mining by use of blogging.

Fair enough, we’ll see how things work out.

One thing to consider is that STEEM (in all forms) has inherent value within the network itself. STEEM Power dictates how much someone earns for their posts (and how much others earn when that person upvotes content). SBD can be used to "promote" posts within the network.

So, aside from market speculation, these two factors help the tokens retain value. Only time will tell whether that will indeed work, but it doesn't seem a whole lot different to me than the "money" of any other community, such as a country.

I received 70 followers the instant of my first post today. My n00b question is: where would they have come from? There was no time for the post to have been read.

This gets into aspects of the network that I don't personally pay much attention to, however I would guess some people have bots programmed to auto-follow depending on a tag you posted in, or the fact that it was your first post.

hai , i start writing on steemit now. :D wohoo!!

I am so glad the guy from silicon valley has joined Steemit

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