Should Role Playing Games Get Back to their Roots?

in videogames •  4 months ago

It seems like it was only yesterday i was a kid, sitting in front of my NES playing Final Fantasy and Super Mario 3. As the years went by, and new consoles came and went, I developed a fondness for RPG's. For me, Final Fantasy 7 and Super Mario RPG were definitive in my early teen years. Today, there are many role playing games out there. But ive came back to an old treasure... Final Fantasy 6. Of all the Final Fantasy games, this one, to me, is a true benchmark. Aside from its heartfelt story, and timeless score, FF6 sported battle mechanics the likes of which newer titles should probably take a cue from. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy most of the newer titles, but upon revisiting FF6 I kind of wish they would rehash that formula. Then again, maybe im just nostalgic. :-)
What do you think?

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