Adventures in Gameplay Footage

in videogames •  4 months ago

So I decided recently to revisit Grand Theft Auto 3. And before go why aren’t uploading something current and relevant. Well one most triple a games out anymore are pretty crappy. Two I just want to talk about GTA3. GTA3 is probably my favorite in the series cause it’s well rounded and actually holds up. The footage I’m showing you is from the PS4 running the PS2 classic version. Turismo is one of my favorite missions due to the chaos of the AI cars and the random shit that can happen. Another thing is there’s an option in the display menu called Trails in all honesty it was implented to sorta stabilize the frame rate and hide the texture drawing. It’s a nice thing to remember it with that. But to play with it off is totally different the games frame rate goes up and the colors pop a little more. But enough of that. That’s all I wanted to talk about!

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