I was waiting for a game for my next post. Bonk's Adventure for Turbografx 16

in #videogames4 years ago

So I have been wanting to do my next video game collection post, but I felt like I was missing something. I was missing my favorite game from the Turbografx 16 standard console: Bonks Adventure.


While it wasn't the pack-in game it should have been. I bought a copy of it on eBay and it finally arrived. I had to play it for awhile. It was essentially the Mario style platformer for the TG-16. I'll be showing gameplay from it in my next post.
It has similarities to the Mario series. It follows the adventures of Bonk a caveman child who is attempting to rescue the princess. Instead of mushrooms Bonk eats meat to get upgraded. Bonk has three stages of upgrades. However, they wear off over time unlike in the Mario series. To counter this the developers gave Bonk a health bar consisting of hearts. Bonk starts with 3 hearts and has the ability to upgrade to 5. His attack method is performed by using his large head. He headbutts (bonks) his enemies.

It's a great game! I'll have more pictures in my turbografx post. I should have that done tomorrow. :)

Bonks Adventure cover art from wikimedia commons. Available at:


All three Bonk games on TG16 are excellent!

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