STAR FOX 2 For Super Nintendo | No More Beta Review

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After years and years nintendo finally released Star Fox 2!
AJ took the time to play it and review it!

Is this a Gem Nintendo kept hidden or will it hold up?

Star Fox 2

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie so bad that by the time finally got to see it
all you could think about was the scenes in your mind that were never in the movie or the surprise twisted ending that only played out in your mind?

That is how i explain my adventure with Star Fox 2.

Don’t get me wrong, by now this is a game part of gaming history.

My only problem if any is that you will constantly be reminded of one thing. Think of it as a rainy cloud that is over you when you play this game, a cloud that will constantly remind you that this game belongs in 1996.

Coming from world still new to polygons, a world that was already being taken by storm with games like Super Mario 64 and Tekken.

Nintendo decided to not release this game due to it not looking as good as star fox 64!

I feel you but nintendo releases inferior looking ports of games all the time Donkey Kong Country on the gameboy or Xenoblade Chronicle 3D.

Maybe it all had to do with the gameplay or the fact that is is not a port but a full blown sequel

The game looks like a bunch of polygons scrambling at 20 frames for seconds
then add having to move through almost 3D battles with a Dpad
your thumb will not have a fun time!

Now this game reminds me a lot of Star Fox Assault for nintendo DS
Im guessing thats why they chose to use touch controls for movement instead of the Dpad
The low frame rate and Dpad controls don’t let you forget about the 1996 cloud I was talking about.

Oh ya Good luck dodging dude.

Just like in star fox assault… since technically this game came did come out before star fox 2
you must strategize like you would in an RTS

When you come in contact with an enemy missile or ship you engage in space battles to be able to move on

Once you get used to the controls you will breeze through his game in an hour or two, thats also keeping in mind that Hard mode has more levels and bosses.

Speaking of bosses the thing this 16-bit game had! Epic 16-bit bosses, epic 16-bit moments in a game that had never seen the light of day until recently. No the beta does not count.

If this game is the only reason for getting a Snes Classic as it was for my self I say wait.

I give this game 3 slippy toads out of 5.

Star Fox 2

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