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This week the Epic Game Store is giving away the city simulator Cities: Skylines from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive. I have not played this particular city sim, but I have spent countless hours playing others like SimCity and SimCity 2000. Cities: Skylines is a much more graphically advanced game then the old school SNES's SimCity (it was also on other platforms) but the game basics for most of these city sims are generally the same even when newer games may have more complex options and scenarios. Balance your economy, population, and issue such as pollution and traffic while trying to insure disasters do not happen and when they do your simulated civilization is prepared for them. If a Bowser Koopa looking Godzilla monster shreds through your downtown area, you better be ready to bulldoze and fight some fires before they spread (see: SimCity for SNES).

Cities: Skylines calls itself "A Modern Take on the Classic City Simulation" and this seems like a good fit. They are not the first or only game to try this, but they are a very popular and well done take on the genre.

The creators of this game made Cities in Motion, a business simulator where the player would need to create public transit systems. This concept has apparently been put into Cities: Skylines as well and the game has an entire transit system you can play with. As I said, I still need to play it to give more of a personal review.


Other bullet points from the game's creators is an "Extensive local traffic simulation" be honest, I am not sure if I ever wanted to dive that much deeper into the traffic issues of a city simulator, but it could be a interesting gaming experience. It makes sense it was added to the game since it runs parallel with having such a large in game public transit system. There is also the ability to create different types of "districts", which can be compared to zoning policies in real life.

Cities: Skylines also has several DLC packages you can buy if you get into the game. Many of those are half off right now. There was one free DLC I noticed called "Match Day", "allows mayor-players to add stadiums to their towns – and comes with all of the benefits and challenges of hosting major sporting events in their citizens’ backyard."

Add another $29.99 to your video game collection for FREE with Cities: Skylines until March 17th, 2022 11AM PST.

🤑 After this game, my total free Epic Games Store games comes to well OVER 💲$2000!! I need to go back and recalculate my total.

❓ Have you ever played Cities: Skylines or another city sim before? If so, how did you like it?❓

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