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The world is coming to an end!

And I only have 60 seconds to prepare?!?!

Dear god.

At least I have my family.....

I was able to grab an ok supply of water and plenty soup. Good old soup. Lots of soup. We have a checkers board to keep us entertained and a scout handbook to keep us read. Ammo, no rifle. 1 first aid kit and a gas mask, which will come in handy in keeping us from getting sick on our supply runs into the radiated wasteland.





60 Seconds! ReAtomized is a fun survival stragedy game from Robot Gentleman. Grab all you can within the 60 seconds, including you spouse and two kids, and survive until you get rescued or die.

Available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1012880/60_Seconds_Reatomized/

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