Video game inspired Workouts!!!!!!!

in videogames •  last year 

In one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time Legend of Zelda ocarina of Time, I noticed that link never stops running... no matter what terrain he was in. and as a gamer / fitness junkie i combined the 2 worlds and will play the legend of Zelda 25th anniversary album that came with a copy of Skyward sword and i'm instantly placed into a zelda like scenario recreating the simulated game reality into the workouts to make it feel as if i am link running from temple to temple. and it also helps me look at my work outs as high scores and increasing my xp, health and power as if im playing a RPG.

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Beast Mode! :)

Holy shit dude, some of the beastiest most triumphant shit I've ever seen to that music. Damn I need to work out to that.