God of War 4 | Kratos returns in a new adventura! With your son !?

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god-of-war-201661571333_1.jpgGod of War (referred to as God of War 4) to future third-person video game that is being developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) It is scheduled to be released in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4 game console. It will be the ninth installment in the God of War series, chronologically, and the sequel to God of War III, as a reboot of the series. The story will focus on Nordic mythology and Kratos will return as the main character. In God of War, Kratos will be a harder and passive warrior, as will the role of father in a cold and hostile scenario, which seems to have retreated to forget his past.

Changes in God Of War:

The new setting allows new scenarios and new enemies. The monsters of Greek mythology that we face so many times, and the gods that Kratos challenged, are replaced this time by the Thor, Loki, Odin and company, and by the beings that populate the Nordic stories and Germanic.


New gameplay:

This time there is no multiplayer mode like in God of War Ascension, and the game adds an evolution system with experience points that makes us improve our skills. We also have a Spartan Rage ability that can be used for a while, a "crafting" system, and the camera is going through the protagonist's shoulder.

Controlling father and son:

Kratos no longer has beads with chained magic leaves, but he also has a magic magic that can have elemental abilities. In the adventure we will mainly control the now bearded god, but at all times, we are accompanied by his son, who we will also have to control. We have a button to control the child, who makes an action that depends on the context, such as shooting an arrow with his bow.



Development: Santa Monica Studio
Production: Sony
Distribution: Sony
Platforms: Ps4
Gender: Action and Adventure
Players: 1
Format: Blu-ray
Texts: Multiple Languages
Voices: Multiple Languages

Release date: 22/03/2018


"This is all I can bring you as the game opens in March I'm looking forward to this game." @cybergame

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