(music video) Taste Nate - Strange Fruit (prod. by Lord Lorenz)

in video •  last year

Peace Steemit,
I wanted to share this visual that we just published today. We filmed it guerrilla style which is pretty much how all of my videos happen. The contrast of the direction was the duality between Target and a Farmers Market. Which is a question to your self about, "what kinds of energy are you feeding your body?" The content of the song is about the identity of hip hop culture from being "Dead" in the opinions of consumers, which all depends on your perception. I also was flexing my references to display that my movement has been based on freedom of expression without being confined to a "hip hop" fixed identity or style. This is freedom and this comes from a place of love of the culture. This also serves homage to some of the heroes that we have been honored to see come before and give a piece of their soul. I think you could gather some inspiration from this piece or at least some head-nods to that dope Billie Holiday Sample. This song is featured on my album L.A.M.B. "Lovers Are Metaphysical Beings" which is a concept of transmutation through spirit (love) or into consciousness (being) . Any feed back or commentary is much obliged.

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Eyyy, welcome to steemit mang!!! Thanks for taggin ya boy haha.... We out here, still love that Sean Price line!


haha, This is pretty dope. Think you the only one that gets that line f'real.giphy-3.gif


haha, all those Sean P video shorts are the best. his rap school one might be my favorite tho. actually seanwar is the best lol

Yeeyah! Nice!


Thank you for tuning in. Much Love

Bro please post the lyrics to all the songs you put on steemit, you gotta let the folks peep the skill game reading along to your intricate penmanship, fresh digs on this one! Upvoted and bumping loudly


no doubt good looking


All day everyday bro

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