A friend of mine brought his 1957 Chevy Bel Air to show my son.

in video •  2 months ago

As some of you might remember, my son loves vehicles. With his sensory processing disorder and autism, he fell in love with anything that spins early on in life. So, naturally, he loves vehicles of all kinds. In fact he probably knows more about them than any other 4 yr old I know (I don't know a lot of 4 yr olds, so that may not be saying much).

This Bel Air has been in my friend's family for 4 generations, and when his daughter will be of age, she'll be generation 5.

This was my son's reaction to seeing it for the first time.

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Glad to see you back on steemit @winstonwolfe, your son looks very happy to be in that chevy, it looks from the photo's to be kept in very good nick for its age.
I bet your son loved every minute of it and with having autism must have made his day to see one when its something that he loves.
All the best buddy :D


Thanks for the re-welcome. I work full-time now, so Steemit is just a little side thing for me now. Not taking it nearly as seriously as I was before, but it's nice to be posting stuff again. And yes, he has this video on his iPad and he watches it on a loop quite often. lol


Bless him, that is so sweet that he has it on his ipad, it will be there for ever you know that haha. you might as well back it up to just incase. if he is like my kids ipads get broken so easy.
glad to here that your in full time employment, I have started looking for another job as i need to get back into the swing of things.
Bills are piling up and it is getting a little much now.
I am on here all the time but i am here for more of a laugh now as when I was been serious it was just boring and not me.

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