Vevue contribution – a short review of a new user

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This article shows my experience as a user to contribute to Vevue via open task list and a quick outlook of the enormous potential of this brand new idea behind.

When I saw a post of getting paid by a Halloween movie upload in QTUM subreddit I thought to myself – well, I’m not a big social media freak but let’s have a look. Then I quickly found out that it is backed by the QTUM blockchain. Because I’m a huge fan of QTUM I thought this seems legit to me and they don’t just want to have my personal data for spam.

My expectation was just to do a simple sign up and upload the movie. Then I found out that first I had to join the community. I thought to myself “come on – that’s too much of a hassle” and left the page.

When I saw the post in QTUM subreddit again however I got curious: I’ve heard about slack but I don’t know what it is why don’t just try it?

So I contacted Vevue for a slack invitation and registered myself for a slack login. After connecting my ETH address I just thought: so, what’s next? How do they know that I’ve joined the community? Because after a while there wasn’t any award on my ETH account I started investigating. I’ve never used slack before so this was for me like entering a new Universe. By chance I found then some channels where people were chatting.

Normally I don’t ask too much in such channels because mostly I couldn’t expect too much help. Not so at the Vevue channels! Surprisingly there was a moderator who willingly helped people with their matters. Thomas spent a lot of time to find out why the token award didn’t get transferred to my account. He literally helped me with screenshots to show me one step after the other. I’ve never experienced such good support and patience! I thought to myself: well, these guys take their jobs seriously to support newcomers. That’s just great!

After we found out what was wrong (I entered my newly created slack workspace credentials instead of the vevue workspace and login credentials at I got my first award. For me these were the first crypto tokens ever I earned. Simply a great feeling.

Thomas suggested why not earning some tokens for sharing content at twitter or any other social media? Simply sent him a screenshot and the next reward was mine!

The next step was downloading the IOS app for sharing my Halloween movie. Here as well Thomas guided me how easy it was uploading content by simply clicking on the camera symbol.

After the neighborhood task was ready to be used Thomas sent me 5 locations to upload contents. Here I found out that my upload aborted because of size matters. Then I remembered that Whatsapp downsizes film footage in quite a good quality. With this little detour I could upload the movies. Thomas took a node so that hopefully this feature will be implemented in one of the next app versions.

The more I play around with this new tool the more I recognize its future potential: People who want to know more about a particular location just set a pin and place a bounty. Then someone else sees this pin and can provide the desired content. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

On the one hand people get the desired content about the particular location on the other hand the contributor can earn a few tokens. There are plenty of use cases if once live streaming is available early next year.

They could reach from online help of certain task you get stuck or simply something like “do I like my future hotel at my next holiday spot?”

Many other use cases come to my mind like finding a pal that suggests you what to check out at your next trip or even find a friend / your future love at the city I’m going to move soon…

Your creativity is your limit!

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