Video Clip from Steem Enugu Meetup/ The Selfie Frenzie at the End of the Meet-up

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It's usually a selfie frenzy at the end of most of the meet-ups I have attended and the Enugu Steem Meet-up was not any different.

I usually have this feeling that the people(newbies) still don't get it. I wish I can share all that I have learned with them here but then I remind myself that I still have a lot of learning to do.

The Enugu Steem Community is set. We have started the fire. I've seen this happen a couple of times. I can bet with utmost certainty that the Enugu Community is going is going to experience significant growth from henceforth


Where there is darkness, I'll shine the light.

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Good morning @tojukaka

I'll have to say, you're indeed inspirational and have been doing a great work, spreading the news of the Steem Blockchain.

😂😂 Uhmm, did I hear you say you want to go socialise with your computer? That's cool...

Shout out to @samstickkz, @eurogee, @nairadaddy, @jeline and everyone who's been amazing helping the Steem community grow. Keep the good work going Bosses, and keep shining the light. May the Steem be with you all😀.

Steem Ambassador: Where there's darkness, I'll shine the Light

Thank you @tojukaka for making this a success, I am most delighted you answered this call.

Bravo boss.....

God bless your selfless heart brother. Only you can do all you do o. Big up.

Great news. I am looking forward to the Lagos meet. Lemme check my calendar again to see when it's coming up.

Good job there! @tojukaka

Enugu, my second home.Well done,Toju.

Looking forward to an Abuja steemines meet up. Who's up for it?

Keep moving lad

Nice one buddy, for honoring our call in a short notice

There he goes, my role model as I do call him @tojukaka. You’re inspiration to so many others including myself, don’t stop learning and we wont stop learning from you too. You’re a master at what you do and your influence on others is such a blessing to identify with.

Your empowerment schemes has brought you so much recognition and was awarded a BADGE as I’d love to refer to the STEEM SILVER COIN from steem community with a T-shirt and letter all from @papa-pepper . More grease to your elbow as you continue to empower youths . Keep steeming and touching lives.

You’re an icon worthy to be referred to as role model

It was indeed a blast!!..We made it happen. I want to say a very big thank you for coming around and your speech was priceless @tojukaka

Oh wow! The Famous @tojukaka. I have heard so much about you especially from @xpressng. Well, It's no doubt that you have great impact on this community. Great job.

I heard about this meetup, but couldn't be in Enugu. Atleast, I've have met the steemit ambassador. Nice stuff you guys are doing, i hope to follow suit soon. I hope to drink from this well too big grin

A big thanks to @samtickkz,@evrogee,@nairadaddy,@jeline and to everyone who has contributed in making steem grow, keep up the good work and keep flourishing.

Can't wait for Port Harcourt meet up. Will be delighted!