L. Ron Hubbard = Deep Fat Fried

in video •  10 months ago

In this episode of my podcast Deep Fat Fried, we take a look at one of the most controversial and influential figures in American history, the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

If you prefer an audio version:

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How does a post get 43 votes on 30 views?


You can vote on a post without actually clicking to open the post. People just see it in their feed and upvote as they are scrolling by I assume.

"You mean to say that you found something better than a pseudo-religious cult founded by a luncatic sci-fi hack?" (Hank Moody, "Californication", S2E1)


I just started watching that show a few weeks ago. I don't know why I never watched it before because it's fucking great!


I watched the entire show... like 3 times. Literally. I just love the characters and the atmosphere. Also, it helped me improve my English because Hank Moody is an eloquent guy.

I just love scientology. Thank you TJ, you always know where to rub.


Didn't watch this one yet but there's certainly a lot to fry. Just wanted to say that I was initially a DFF naysayer but the quality has really turned me around.

So keep that fryer going.

Ron Hubbard was always exploring he rode a horse at 6years! Great!
I love horse ridding too.

There are a lot of great documentaries about L Ron and Scientology. Any suggestions? Which was the best? I think it's about time someone make a mocumentary.


'Being Tom Cruise' is a really good mocumentary/spoof of both him and Scientology.


Oh, I haven't heard of that one. Any suggestions where I can find it?

Anyone else been going through life hearing people say "Elrond Hubbard" and assuming that was correct? I'm just dumb?

ayy my internet isn't ass completely ass fucked ass before ass if the Dtube Gods came down and said go watch the fat deadbeat retard for a while life has been to cruel to you. Ass. Also anal.

It's odd how sometimes this format works (like in this case), and others it doesn't. DFF is really hit or miss. This one's good tho, like it.

This was one of the better episodes of DFF. I just wish that they had covered that one weird interview where Hubbard paces around his office and tries to explain that Scientology is not a religion but rather an alternative to psychology. That was not all that long before he fully embraced the role of cult leader and the interview is an interesting transitional fossil.