Range detection with webcam and laser pointer

in video •  last year

I built a small device that can measure distance by only using a webcam and a laser pointer.
The whole idea is based around a paper by Todd Danko.
In addition to that I wrote a little piece of software that controls the device and gives you a visual representation of the results.

I did this in february 2016, but I have discovered steemit in the meantime and there is a second part coming up soon, so I thought I might share it here as well :)

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Interesting. I look forward to seeing the post for the second part of your project. Is there a reason you went with a horizontal camera/laser pointer design versus the vertical design Todd Danko suggested in his paper or does the plane the two devices are on even matter?


The effect is the same for both directions. My new design with the linelaser uses the vertical approach though :)